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Get ready to grow

3 Simple Strategies

Are you ready to grow your business? Looking  for a few ideas on how you can start to  generate  more traffic and customers? 

To grow  your business, you need to  focus  on  how

  • How to get  new customers
  • How to get existing customers to spend more
  • How to get  existing  customers to  spend more frequently

Here's a checklist  with  73 ideas on  how to get more  customers, get them to spend more and  spend  more frequently. See which  ideas work best for  you.

Download 73 Ideas to Grow Your Business

From Case Studies, to  Webinars, to Giveaways and other great ideas you  can start to implement TODAY.


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Giveaway a promotional  item, gift card or special offer to encourage your customers to  make their first purchase you with.  Or create a trip wire, with  a lower cost version of  your offer to encourage people  to try  your product. 

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Offer a Free Consult 

Offer to a free consult, where  you advise on  value added  ways that  you can help or give  advice or simple tips in your field of expertise. 

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Groupon Coupon 

Offer an  additional discount  on  Groupon  to entice  first time shoppers to try your product  or service.